The Seychelles artisanal spiny lobster fishery targets shallow water spiny lobster stocks around the main granitic islands. Spiny lobsters are harvested at night by fishermen using mainly snorkeling gears though in the past SCUBA gears and traps have been used. The spiny lobster fishery in Seychelles is a licensed and seasonally-managed fishery with fishers applying for licenses prior to the opening of the season. The current management regulations in place for the spiny lobster fishery are:

  • Restrictions on the number of licenses
  • Seasonal restrictions (the fishery is typically opened for a 3 month period)
  • Minimum size (75 mm carapace length for all species)
  • Prohibition to retain berried females

The main species of lobsters caught are:                                        

Homard Vert (Panulirus versicolor) 

Porcellene (Panulirus ornatus)

 Homard Grosse Tete (Panulirus penicillatus) Homard Rouge (Panulirus longipes)