Human Resources Section is responsible to identify human resource needs of the SFA and carry out staff evaluation as per their performance targets. Established and identify training needs and opportunities and develop performance measure to evaluate progress.

It also is responsible for the salary administration, all disciplinary matters and act as an advisory hub for the organization on issues relating to staff welfare and other matters affecting the organization.


Training and Development

The SFA continues to emphasis on staff development and thus does its utmost to train staff in order to achieve the organizational objectives and goals. Trainings and workshops varies from local to international, short to long courses. Staff also attends in-house trainings and workshops.

The Training Policy has been completed and is being implemented. This training policy is to guide staff about training and development in general and it is implemented alongside the Training Plan.

We have introduced IDP files (Individual Development Performance) for each staff member whereby the stages of their development are followed.

There are presently 5 staff attending long term courses overseas; 10 staff attended local and 10 attended international short courses/workshops in-house as well as external venues during the 2012.

Emphasis will be made for more technical staff to be trained to attain higher qualifications.(BSc with Honors/Masters Degrees). Those not meeting requirements for entry to university will follow adhocs training available to meet university requirements.

Our objectives are:

  • To have a dynamic workforce with multitude of skills that will help in the growth of the organization
  • To equip them with necessary skills knowledge and qualification
  • To assist them in developing their own development plan to harness their full potential.

Administration and Support Services Unit

The role of the Administration and Support Services Unit is to provide professional administrative guidance and support to the SFA and provide other innovative public service specifically personnel activities aimed at improving the effectiveness of the employees in attaining organizational objectives.

Our objectives are:

·     To provide the organization with effective administrative support and ensuring that appropriate services and resources are made available to the organization

·     To establish and maintain appropriate services relating to the welfare, safety and health of employees

·     Monitor the fleet of transport of Seychelles Fishing Authority and ensure that they are in road worthy condition.