The Documentation Centre and its objectives

The Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) Documentation Centre was created in 1989. The main objectives of our information services are:

  • To support the scientific, technical and management activities of the organization.
  • To create a holding of materials related to fisheries and marine resources in the Seychelles, the Indian Ocean Region and internationally.
  • To manage, preserve and retrieve all such information as and when required so as to assist in the progress of research development.
  • To encourage the inter-regional exchange of all fisheries and marine related literature and information between experts, SFA staff and any other overseas fisheries institutions or bodies.
  • To preserve books, materials and information for future generations.
  • To manage and distribute all SFA's publications.


The Documentation Centre has a collection of books, serials, journals, maps, charts, posters, photos, videos, CD ROMs and grey literature. It covers a wide range of subjects including aquaculture, marine research, fisheries statistics, marine resources, fisheries technology, scientific expedition, legislation, oceanography, processing of marine products, fisheries management etc.

The collection also includes publication of other international organisations concerned with fisheries and marine environment such as FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation), UNEP (United Nation Environment Programme), ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas), IOC (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission) SPC (Secretariat of the Pacific Community) etc.

The unique part however, is the collection on the Seychelles Fisheries and to a lesser extent other countries of the region.

Electronic Library Management Systems

Computerization of the library catalogues started in 1991 using the CDS/ISIS software which was donated by UNESCO-IOC We started by selecting literature of direct relevance to the Seychelles. In 2002 UNESCO provided SFA with the INMAGIC DB/Text Work and the conversion of the CDS/ISIS database to INMAGIC was completed the same year

From the support from UNESCO-IOC through the ODINAFRICA project, in 2012 the AgriOcean DSpace software which provides basic functionalities that are required by small libraries for cataloguing was successfully installed and operational at SFA. AgriOcean DSpace facilitates access to SFA publications and other reports related to marine resources of Seychelles.


The Documentation Centre supports the staff of SFA in the scientific, technical and management activities of the organization. In addition the Centre also supports Government agencies, the private sector, Marine/Environmental NGOs, Students, teachers and general publics which seeking information on marine and fisheries related topics. At present Maritime Training Center students and teachers are the largest and most popular external users which are using the centre but above all the centre is open to all those interested in fisheries and related subjects.