The Development and Assessment unit is responsible for the development and promotion of seafood processing in Seychelles, particularly value addition in fish processing.

The main role of the Development and Assessment unit are:

  • Providing technical and consultancy assistance in fish processing to potential investors
  • Constructing necessary infrastructure and facilities for product development and processing
  • Attracting additional investment in processing facilities other than canning
  • Promoting Seychelles fish products through our eco labeling project
  • Developing the local markets through onshore investment in other sectors especially tourism
  • Well equipped laboratory with qualified staff in the field of product development, food hygiene, quality control....

The main objectives of the Unit are:

  • Guaranteed supply of high quality fresh fish
  • Increased traffic in the ports resulting in increased fuel sales, port handling & other activities
  • Increased and improved cold storage facilities for processing plants
  • New innovative seafood products: fish burgers, kebabs, croquette, marinated products and other snacks