Our History

The Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) was incorporated on 31st August 1984 by the Seychelles Fishing Authority (Establishment) Act, although it had physically been in existence since September 1983 when the Seychelles Industrial Fishing Authority (SIFA) was formed.  The first Chief Executive Officer of SFA was Mr Maxime Fayon.  The Authority was established at a time of intense fisheries development, especially in foreign industrial tuna fishing.   It was created to develop the fishing industry to its fullest potential and to safeguard the resource base for sustainable development. 

At the very beginning SFA was entrusted with the fisheries research and development role from the Fisheries Division; and the commercial role from Fisheries Development Company (FIDECO).

In the early years SFA had a very strong commercial slant to its activities.  It took over or created the following companies:

  • Seychelles Fishing Company Ltd. (looking after SEYKOR)
  • Indian Ocean Marine Ltd. (Ship Chandler)
  • Seychelles Electronics Marine Company Ltd (SEYCMI) (Joint Venture)
  • Seychelles Radio Maritime Company Ltd (SERAMACO) (Joint Venture)
  • Société Thonière Seychelloise Ltd. (Joint Venture)

SFA have grown over the years and seen many changes in the fisheries sector, be it technological all the way through to policies and still hold the mandate to manage the Fishery industry.