Product Development & Quality Assurance Department

The mandate of this Department is to support the existing and facilitate new fisheries sector investments, value addition, market development, and encouraging diversification of the fisheries sector. A key component of the work of the Department relates to the Quality Assurance mandate. The latter incorporates the promotion, development, and adoption of set standards and best practices within the industry, with the goal of promoting efficiency gains and market confidence in final landed quality.


➢ Business and Product Development:

  • Support, nurture and incubate the private sector in the development of new value-added products, especially with low-value species and by-catch.
  • Promote the development of fish processing zones and facilities.
  • Work with other Departments of SFA to keep track of industry statistics for research, planning and development purposes.
  • Maintenance of existing and diversification of new market portfolios through induced market demands.
  • Promoting innovation and technology to optimize the economic utilization of fisheries resources and improve operational efficiency, hence cutting down costs.
  • Engage with stakeholders to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the benefits of economic gains in value addition -encouraging exports.

 ➢ Quality Assurance:

  • Promote the development of seafood certification schemes for high-end niche markets.
  • Develop a framework for collecting quantitative and qualitative data on landed fish (SI LL, By-catch, Purse Seiners).
  • Promoting development/adoption of best handling practices, pre-and post-harvest.
  • Conduct audits on SFA facilities that form part of the fisheries value chain, including fish markets, including fish markets.
  • Development/adoption of standards for facilities involved in the fishing sector, including landing sites.
  • Assist the Project team in designing and building new facilities ensuring all the quality parameters are considered and met.

➢ Awareness:

  • Raise awareness of the local population of the nutritional benefits of fish consumption.
  • Conducting awareness programs that serve to raise the profile and attractiveness of the fishing industry (from school to community to business stakeholders)
  • Raising awareness of best practices and standards within the industry.
  • Pursue innovative means of communication between key players in the industry.
  •  Research and disseminate information on key requirements of markets of interest to the private sector.

Promote skills development required for continuous growth and diversification of the sector.



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