The Project Unit

The Project Unit is responsible for evaluation and approval of projects submitted to the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA). Projects may include fishing and or fish processing businesses which require the appraisal of the Project Unit.

The main duties of the project unit are:

Evaluation of projects submitted to the SFA

Establishing and maintaining contact with project implementer and other relevant agencies

Provide fisheries specific advice and guidance to project implementer and other relevant agencies

Facilitate project implementation and management for projects that are financed through SFA and/or partner funding

Seek funding for sectorial development projects

The Project Unit is also responsible for infrastructure development and maintenance for the fishing industry. These developments include construction of quays, ice plants, to support the growth of pre- and post-harvest fishing activities. Assistance is provided by major donors such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Overseas Fishery Cooperation Foundation (OFCF) and the European Union (EU). Port infrastructure is essential in supporting the growth of the fisheries sector as it provides essential access point and services that are required by fishing vessels and fishermen.

Fisheries Development Ile du Port Zone 14

The agreement to construct the Turn Quay to service the industrial fishing fleet was signed in the third quarter of 2012. The project consists of a 120 meters long quay with 9.5 meters draft at average chart datum. The turn quay was completed in 2013 and cost a little over SR50 millions. The contractor for the project was Vijay Construction and the consultant Charles Pool Associates. The quay facility allowed the existing and the new generation of industrial purse seiners to berth for services such as net working, fuel and fresh water bunkering and also for ships’ victuals etc. No doubt such facility will help in alleviating congestion during peak fishing period, improve ships turnabout time thus making Port Victoria more competitive regionally. The project was funded under the EU Sectoral programs

Providence Fishing Port Zone 6

Zone 6 quay facilities: The quay length which measures 100 meters serviced 47 fishing boats on average weekly for loading ice, unloading catch and boat moorings.

Fuel Bunker Facility: Construction work on the new fuel bunker facility was completed in the fourth quarter of 2013. Completion work was delayed by almost one year due to the uplifting of the fuel tank concrete chamber. At the facility when commissioned diesel and kerosene will be sold to fishermen. In other words, fishermen from south east and south Mahe will be able to purchase their fuel supplies at the station. This will inevitably assist those fishermen using the pump to cut transportation costs, important fishing times and less hardship. The operating hours will be communicated at a later stage. With the provision of this fuel station the Seychelles Fishing Authority will manage and operate two such facilities, one at Zone 6 and the other one at one Victoria.

Processing Building Facility: The principal aim of the project will be to provide to aspiring fish processors to add value to fish products. Once completed, the facility will provide three main building components consisting of nine units. Each unit measures 400 square meters. Commissioning of the facility is planned for early 2014. And again the project is funded under the EU fisheries sectorial Programmes.

Land Sub Division Zone 6: Survey works to sub divide several plots to land at Zone 6 were undertaken during the year. The task when completed and approved by the Planning Authority will allow the Seychelles Fishing Authority to lease land to serious fishing companies/processors to further develop the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.





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