About SFA

The Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) is a parastatal organization which functions as the executive arm of Government for fisheries and related matters. SFA became an Financial autonomous Parastatal organization in January 2019 and govern by Board of Directors is appointed by the President.

Our moto

Responsible Fishing for Sustainability.

Our mandates

  • Promote, organize and develop fishing, fishing industries and fishing resources in Seychelles 
  • Assist in the formulation of the national policy with respect to fishing, fishing industries and    fishing resources and in the implementation of that policy 
  • Identity the manpower training requirements of Seychelles with regard to fishing and fishing industries
  • Conduct negotiations, or engage in meetings, seminars or discussions, with regard to fishing or fisheries or the establishment or operation of fishing industries, whether at a national or international level, on behalf of the Republic or otherwise

Our vision

Excellence in sustainable fisheries management and development

Our mission

To ensure optimal utilization of the fisheries resources for the benefit of the Seychellois people through sustainable management, ecosystem-based approaches and integrated development.


Our core principles

To implement our mandates in a manner which promotes good governance, transparency, participation and accountability and according to internationally recognized best practices in fisheries management.

Our Values

  1. Integrity & professionalism: Work with highest level of professional ethics, responsibility and respect to gain the trust of our constituents.
  2. Adaptability: Be proactive and flexible in our approaches and make use of best available science and technology to execute our duties in line with the social and economic priorities.
  3. Inclusiveness and team work: Promote team work, engage our co-workers and stakeholders and valorize the diversity of our workforce and stakeholders while working towards common results.
  4. Leadership: Consistently leading the way by empowering and developing staff to own and drive work programs.
  5. Stewardship: Promote sustainable resource management and ecosystem-based approaches among all stakeholders.
  6. Equity: Be fair and provide equal opportunity to present and future generations.


Strategic goals

Four key strategic goals have been identified around which the strategic plan is structured. Each of the strategic goal builds on one of the four main components of fisheries management: (i) effective governance, (ii) the fishery management institution, (iii) the resource base and (iv) the economic and social benefits derived from fisheries.

The strategic goals are:

Goal 1: Effective governance arrangements.

Project SFA as the legal authority among various stakeholders through acceptance of responsibility for its decision and actions and reinforcing mechanisms for accountability and good governance.

Goal 2: Institutional strengthening of SFA.

Improve institutional infrastructure, build core competencies and strengthen the internal procedures of SFA to build and inspire human capacity for better service delivery.

Goal 3: Ensure the sustainability of fisheries resources.

Manage fisheries resources through ecosystem-based approaches and ensure that policies, legislations and infrastructure development are aligned towards achieving sustainability, taking into account climate change and global developments.

Goal 4: Optimize the economic and social benefits of fisheries.

Ensure that the fisheries sector continues to play a key role in the sustainable development of the country and the socio-economic well-being of the Seychellois nation.