SFA Management Team  

Mr. Nichol Elizabeth

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Ashik Hassan

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Yannick Roucou

Legal Advisor

Mrs. Jessy Roseline

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Aubrey Lesperance

Aquaculture Manager

Mr. Ronny Antat

Development and Assessment Manager

Ms. Sara Fanchette


Mr. Johnny Louys

Monitoring Control and Surveillance Manager

Mr. Rodney Govinden

Fisheries Research Manager

Dr. Ameer Ebrahim

 Technical Fisheries Coordinator & Scientific Advisor

Mrs. Juliette Lucas

Fisheries Statistic Manager

Mr. Michel Marguerite

Fisheries Economic Manager

Ms. Sandra Ramanoelina

Procurement Manager

Mr. Elvis Stravens

Admin Manager

Mr. Michael Gill

Health & Safety Manager

Mr. Georgie Nicette

Development & Port  Manager

Ms. Nan Constant

International Collaboration Manager

Mr. Andrew Bristol

Infrastructure Project Manager

Ms. Marlene Khan

Property Manager

Mr. Steve Nourrice

Security Manager