The Sea Cucumber Fishery Management Measures

The Sea Cucumber Fishery has been operating under the management measures The core management measures for the Sea Cucumber Fishery are: 

  1. License Applicants shall be a citizen of Seychelles
  2. 25 Sea Cucumber Fishing licences and 4 Sea Cucumber Processors
  3. Nine (9 )months fishing Season
  4. Maximum Four (4 ) divers per Fishing Licenses
  5. Logbook system to capture accurate and precise fishing effort.
  6. Medical test and insurance are a must for sea cucumber divers
  7. A Total Allowable Catch is set for only three main sea cucumber species which will be harvested; The Quota are:
    • Flower Teat Fish at a quota of 281,250units,
    • White Teat Fish at a quota of 56,250units
    • Prickly Red Fish at a quota of 37,500units.
  8. The above quota will be applicable per vessel: (25vessels)
    • Flower Teat Fish at 11,250units
    • White Teat Fish at 2,250units
    • Prickly Red Fish at 1500units
  9. Other species of sea cucumber will not be exploited


Click here to download: Sea Cucumber Fishing License Condition for 2020-2021