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The Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) is a parastatal organization which functions as the executive arm of Government for fisheries and related matters.

The Authority was created in August 1984 by the Seychelles Fishing Authority (Establishment) Act, at a time of intense development in the sector.

The SFA's operations are guided by a Board of Directors, appointed by the President of the Republic of Seychelles for a period of three years.

Mr Philippe Michaud was appointed as Chairman, effective from 5th December 2011. The other members are Mr Glenny Savy, Mr Dolor Ernesta, Mr Beatty Hoarau and Mr Peter Tirant. Mr Finley Racombo was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in January 2012.


Our Vision

To develop the fishing industry to its fullest potential and to safeguard the resource base for sustainable development .

Overall Policy Objective

The long-term policy of the Government of Seychelles for the fishing industry is the “ promotion of sustainable & responsible fisheries development & optimization of the benefits from this sector for present and future generations” .

It is anticipated that this will be achieved via the:

Conservation & management of marine resources in order to ensure the sustainability and long term viability of the industry

Maximum generation of employment

Maximization of revenue from fisheries & other related activities

Promotion of an integrated economy

Food supply and food security enhancement

Promotion of safety at sea ( Fisheries Policy , pages 3-5)

Our Activities

The SFA is committed to achieving the above objectives via the following activities and services:

Policy Development & Planning

Fisheries Research

Fisheries Management

Fisheries Development & Extension

Monitoring, Control and Surveillance

Training Facilitation

Our Partners

The SFA works in close collaboration with Ministry Natural Resources and Industry, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Coastguard, Ports Authority , other Government institutions, NGO's as well as overseas partners. Stakeholder consultations are held on a regular basis regarding the development of the sector.

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